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Need suggestions

posted Nov 06, 2010 17:33:03 by BeenaShailesh
Dear Sir,
My son is 4 years old.He is suffering from autism.
According to my observation he has milk allergy.Even one or 2 drops of milk is enough to make him hyperactive and restless.Pls suggest me which is the best way for him to overcome from this evil problem.Am not sure whethe he has milk allergy or lactose intolerance.Pls advise me.

Thank u so much.
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HerbertHoffman said Mar 15, 2011 23:01:20
The Allergy Kit works whether he is lactose intolerance or just a milk allergy. When the body is treated for the overreaction to milk, the symptoms will go away. One of the treatments has vaccines and vaccinations. We believe that there is a link to these shots and autism. When you child is treated, his behavior will change for the better.

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