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food avoiding time NAET vs allergy kit

posted Dec 16, 2010 12:52:41 by JimElvidge
I am just wondering how important and why the difference between avoiding the treated substances for 25 hours with the The Allergy Kit and only 4 hours (on average) with NAET treatments. When I saw a NAET practitioner, I was only asked to avoid the substance I was being treated for 4 hours give or take. That seemed to be about the alloted time my body needed to process... I'm just curious why the drastic difference? Is that just a safe number since most people aren't necessarily able to muscle test themselves to find out the alloted time? I am totally OK with it. I'm just curious is all... Thank You!
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ela95126 said Mar 01, 2011 19:14:08
On her website, Dr. N also says for 25 hrs, if I remember correctly, but I understand some practitioners have modified the protocol.
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